Social Media Best Practices

Does my business need a social media presence?

The answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!” Social media is the best way to reach potential clients (especially now), as well as to build relationships and trust with existing clients. If you are using your social media well and intelligently, it can also do a world of good for your SEO by increasing familiarity with your brand. Four categories of content we like to focus on are: education, inspiration, promotion, and connection. 


1. Education For content in this category, your goal is teach your audience something about which you are an expert. Be it baking, art, programming, or anything else you want to share, show off your skills! This paints you as a knowledgeable source, and someone they will want to work with. 2. Inspiration This kind of content includes things like beautiful architecture, travel destinations, style blogs, etc.- images or ideas that people aspire to.  3. Promotion This category is tricky to pull off in a way that doesn’t feel like an ad. You can be promoting another business, a member or aspect of your business. As long as you make sure the connection to your mission is organic, your audience will stay engaged.  4. Connection This is the most sensitive category and requires you to be a little vulnerable. The purpose is to create a positive connection with your audience. Opening yourself up to your audience makes them trust you more. 

Your content can fall under one of these categories or several, but you must decide which fits in the best with your brand and mission. Check out our Instagram account to see some of these principles in action!


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