SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most, if not THE most, important factors in making your small business’ website successful.

Having your website display effectively on search engines like Google and Bing can significantly increase traffic and help you reach thousands more potential customers.
With organic search being the primary source of all web traffic, SEO is the leading way to promote your business.

Without it, your website may never receive a click.

Google has a specific algorithm, it follows when determining what businesses and individuals it will list in search results, so when a customer sees your business’ listing front and center – it says something.
Building trust and credibility with potential customers is one of the primary purposes of SEO. However, understanding search engine algorithms and the complex processes behind Search Engine Optimization is often tricky and always time-consuming…that’s where we come in!

SEO Services

“Tammy has done a great job for us for several years. She not only put together a web site for us, but she has also updated the site as we have grown in popularity. She is very impressive in her skills.”


The Broken Outlaws

We have done SEO for all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses, including an airplane lighting manufacturer, functional medicine practices, a semiconductor manufacturer, and bands! We make our SEO Services versatile and flexible and have achieved amazing results for each of our clients.

SEO Services

TKD Design is here to help with our SEO Services, created and customized for your small business’ needs. Being a small business ourselves, we are uniquely in tune with the requirements of other small/medium-sized businesses. When you sign on with TKD Design, you can expect personalized, quality Search Engine Optimization around the clock.

Four Types of SEO Services We Specialize In


On-Site SEO Services are essential for creating and maintaining the overall ranking and credibility of your website with the significant search engines like Bing and Google. On-site Search Engine Optimization entails optimizing the details on a website and its pages. 

Maintaining adequate On-Site SEO can be a challenge, which is why TKD Design provides comprehensive help with On-Site SEO Services. We offer excellent site and SEO maintenance that will ensure you receive a high rating from search engines (aka, more potential customers seeing your site).


Like On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO is also vital for achieving a desirable ranking with the world’s top search engines. 

A good Off-Site SEO score is typically challenging to attain without web design and search engine optimization experience. TKD Design can help with this complex process, by helping you form an Off-Site SEO network of sorts, by adding valuable external links and backlinks into your site.

SEO Services

3. Technical Seo

Arguably the most complex of all SEO Services is Technical Search Engine Optimization. Technical SEO Services involve server and website optimizations. Search engine algorithms don’t just look at content and On-Site/Off-Site SEO data to make a ranking; they also look at overall “user-friendliness.” Technical SEO covers these issues by addressing website speed, overall performance, and whether or not there is proper indexing taking place on the site. 

Technical SEO is arguably the most challenging form of optimization, as it involves knowledge of coding. However, partnering with TKD Design can take all the stress of learning the ins and outs of website speed and quality (as they relate to search engine algorithms) off your plate, freeing up your time for other things!


The final SEO Service we provide is Content Search Engine Optimization. Content SEO revolves around your blog/posts page. The saying goes, “Content is King!” Content is what brings users to your site and keeps them coming back. Further, writing and publishing content on your website helps you rank in the search engine results for your keywords and establish the topic’s authority.

TKD Design is here to provide knowledge of best content SEO practices, along with a comprehensive Content SEO strategy.

“I’ve been working with Tammy for many years.  She has always come through for me in great web designs and very fast service.  I know that she is only a phone call away.”

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