Our Services

At TKD we offer everything you need to make sure your business has the best web presence possible at a competitive price! We offer these comprehensive web services to help you create a more holistic web strategy.

– Web Design

– Curriculum Design

– Kajabi Services



Web Design Services

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive web services every step of the way. That being said, we are not just in the website maintenance business, we create, if you do not have a website to maintain! We have designed websites for clients from a variety of industries, from aircraft lighting companies to functional medicine practices, and are familiar with the versatile website design needs of many different types of businesses.


Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most, if not THE most, important factors in making your small business’ website successful.  

However, understanding search engine algorithms and the complex processes behind Search Engine Optimization is often tricky and always time-consuming…that’s where we come in!


Curriculum Services

At TKD Design, we are familiar with the needs of teachers and instructors, as we have a former teacher on our staff! As our world becomes increasingly digital, being able to transition in-person lesson plans to online educational opportunities is becoming a much larger practice. We aid in the design and implementation of new or existing curriculum on to your site.


Kajabi Services

The Kajabi system is very specifically designed for selling.  They are set up for the user to share their knowledge with the world. In fact, what they really like to sell is classes. We help you show your best self and help you make the process as automatic as possible with Kajabi design! Learn more about Kajabi here!

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