When you have finished constructing your Kajabi site, and aren’t getting any hits, you may be wondering why you are missing out on all that traffic. You’re probably frustrated about the lack of return on your effort! The likely reason that your Kajabi site isn’t getting much traffic all comes back to SEO! Kajabi SEO is the name of the game for every marketing practice on the Internet.

Whether you have built a Kajabi course, website, product, or podcast, there are a couple of great strategies to boost your SEO rankings with Google and get some more traffic.

In this guide, we will go over how the best SEO practices for Kajabi sites in 2020!

1. Fill out the Kajabi SEO and Sharing Sections

This section is the best method for boosting your rankings and getting found more easily through traditional SEO methods. To see the ‘SEO and Sharing’ section, go to your site settings. You can then fill out this section for every page and blog post. The information you provide helps you maximize your visibility in the SERPs.
If you do not fill out these sections, Kajabi will do it for you. They will use default information and keywords found in your page or post, which may not be the keywords you want. That is why it’s essential to fill out the “SEO and Sharing” section consistently!

Kajabi SEO

Be strategic about what you include in the sharing section. Include your focus keywords in the title and meta description to attract down search engines. Research top keywords specific to your subject and niche. If you are selling a course, research keywords related to “learning about ____,” in addition to the topic itself. Find synonyms for the keywords you’ve decided on, and 3-4 word phrases that include your keyword. These are called long-tailed keywords. You’ll be using both of these on your site.  


2. Post Content Consistently

The best way to keep your audience engaged is to post consistently. This consistency is also key to boosting your SEO score for your Kajabi platform! Search engines are attracted to blogs and social media accounts (these link back to your Kajabi site) that post consistently. Fresh, relevant content will increase your rankings.

 How often you post is your choice. Setting a blog post calendar helps, with topics matched to dates, set consistently apart (whether weekly or biweekly). This calendar will allow you to pre-write and schedule posts, to get them off your plate! For more information on building a blog calendar, check out this guide from the Search Engine Journal!

Kajabi SEO Tips

3. YouTube is your Friend

Try to cross-reference your site content, like blog posts and pages, with your promotion content on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Cross-referencing helps you display your brand across various platforms and appeal to search engines in the process! 

You can use YouTube strategically to boost your SEO. According to Kajabi, “If you have a topic that warrants video, USE IT!” It turns out that the more that you post and reference your content and site on your YouTube channel, the higher you can rank in Google SERPs. Since Google owns YouTube, Google usually shows organic YouTube results first! 

Note that YouTube is in direct competition with Facebook. Google will always rank YouTube results higher than Facebook, and Facebook will not actively promote YouTube links. Therefore, as to not interfere with your other SEO strategies, upload the video separately to Facebook and YouTube, and only link to your blog, not to the other platform. Make sense? Good! Let’s move on to different strategies!

4. Cross Reference

Cross-referencing is the name of the game with Kajabi! To get the most out of cross-referencing, connect new blog posts to past blog posts through direct links, buttons, and clickable images. This linking encourages visitors to stay longer on your site and show more interest in your Kajabi site content, which boosts your rankings. 

Another great way to get visitors to stay longer on your site, and make it more convenient for them is by installing a Table of Contents plugin like this one onto your Kajabi site. While this plugin was built for WordPress, it is compatible with Kajabi! 


Make sure you know what your site looks like to Google algorithms, and your mobile users! The mobile optimization of your Kajabi site is essential. Here’s why:

1. Google crawls and ranks most websites as a mobile site

2. As many as 50% of searches are on mobile as of 2020! 

You can check how the algorithm sees your site by visiting this address:


site:www.yourdomain.com or site:www.yourdomain.mykajabi.com


This view will show you how Google has indexed your site pages and how they will appear to anyone searching for them. If your site could use some improvement, this is an excellent place to start!


Those are some of the best tips for Kajabi SEO as of 2020! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. When you are ready to get SEO rolling for your Kajabi site, contact TKD Design!


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