Kajabi is a very versatile and powerful platform. While Kajabi is slightly pricier than its competition (like Udemy), spending five minutes on the Kajabi dashboard is evidence enough to understand why thousands of instructors choose this platform over all the others. For our Kajabi review, we will be going over how this incredible platform includes everything you need to organize and produce a high-quality online course. Its unparalleled collection of easy-to-use marketing tools makes it the optimal online marketing platform, especially in automating your online business practices.

If you take anything from our Kajabi review, take away the fact that it is an all-in-one course platform. It’s filled with features that make simple the often complicated process of creating and marketing an online course.

TKD Design Kajabi Review

Kajabi was also the first to pioneer tools like a mobile online course app (a big win for both creators and students as people love learning on the go). While a little more expensive than its popular competition, it’s well worth the monthly fee. Kajabi is a one-stop-shop for all you need your online course to provide to your potential users. To add on, it is also ridiculously easy to use. While it is an intuitive platform, certain areas may be a little complicated for new creators. However, Kajabi offers countless guides from its employees and users for those new to Kajabi.

We here at TKD also love the fact that it’s packed with tons of customer support. There are guides and an explanatory video for almost any task you would need to complete to establish your course, making the platform more intuitive. While we at TKD love WordPress and other platforms with drag-and-drop functionality, we still think that Kajabi’s preview window features and design panel features are perfect for anyone who isn’t a seasoned web developer.

Potential learning curves aside, if you are looking for the best platform to host your course, you will want to give Kajabi a try. But wait, there’s more! Per Kajabi’s policy, you will have a 14-day free trial to run through and test each of the great features covered in this Kajabi review.

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Our Kajabi Review


Kajabi offers a clean design for its users. It is a very easy-to-use platform, making SEO and blogging practices much easier than other equivalent platforms. It also provides excellent usability features, like a static test page, a library, a pre-programmed store, and a member directory that its competition doesn’t have, instead of platforms like Udemy or TalentLMS.

As we have previously discussed in other blog posts (like this one), Kajabi also offers excellent sales funnel capabilities for its users. Kajabi provides a feature-rich email marketing service through systems called pipelines. These pipelines allow you to create a fully automated sales funnel that will try to convert all your visitors into potential sales leads. You also have the opportunity to choose any of the prebuilt ‘pipelines’ included in Kajabi and utilize them for promotional offers, sales pages, reports, and more. A built-in blogging feature is available as well, making it easy and straightforward to streamline your marketing and promotion processes.

If all of these Kajabi features haven’t swayed you yet, Kajabi also offers nearly unmatched customer service. 24/7 support is available via email, and live chat is made available for all of its users. Not only that, but Kajabi was also the first of its kind to offer a 14-day no-credit card trial period, allowing you to decide whether or not you love it before you buy (hint: you will)!


…and that concludes this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, our Kajabi review! When you are ready to get started with Kajabi, contact TKD Design!

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