Creating your Kajabi pipelines/site and launching your online business can be a complicated process for beginners and novices alike. While the process is complicated, it doesn’t have to be! Typically, it is best to learn Kajabi by breaking down each subject in-depth, which allows you to choose the best solution for your online business. And that is why TKD Design is back with another Tuesday Tips- this week, we’ll be going over the five types of Kajabi pipelines for marketing.


A Kajabi pipeline is something one can employ in their Kajabi site to push your audience to interact further with your website. Marketing pipelines are made up of various stages to also engage your users and generate more engagement (and more profits). And if you really need any more reason than that, there are many more benefits to creating a cohesive marketing pipeline. For a handy infographic that simplifies marketing pipelines, check out this one from GAConnector:

Kajabi Pipeline

Kajabi pipeline marketing strategy has a huge potential to expand your business and add to your sales. Pipelines combine both sales and marketing data and connect it to your future revenue. Instead of merely generating new leads, pipelines do their best to keep existing and new customers engaged.

There are many different types of pipelines you can use, but the most popular pipelines are as follows. 


The five types of marketing pipelines are:


The Freebie Kajabi Pipeline

With this option, you create a landing page with a video and opt-in button that your audience can press to get the freebie and quickly join your email list. This campaign will come with one opt-in page, a download page, and one email.


Sales OVO (Opt-In, Value, and Offer) Kajabi Pipeline

With this Kajabi pipeline, you can go directly from the opt-in page to sending emails with this sequence from Brendon Burchard. In the first stage of this sequence, Opt-In, you offer your audience something related to your course to learn more. With Value, you can send them a bunch of valuable course resources and keep them on the hook. Finally, O is for Offer, where you make an offer for your online course that will allow them to sign up!

Sales OVO Pipeline

Zoom Webinar Kajabi Pipeline

You can get your audience to opt-in by registering for an upcoming webinar to provide more information and generate more hype for your Kajabi course! This is also the perfect pipeline for a seed launch. This Kajabi pipeline uses: 

  • Registration Page
  • Confirmation Page
  • 4 Emails before the Event
  • 1 Event
  • Sales Page
  • Coaching Pipeline

With this coaching pipeline, you can sell coaching through monthly webinars or in-person, or over the phone. This Kajabi pipeline is ideal for those who use Kajabi to sell coaching courses. It contains:

  • Application Page
  • 3 Emails before the Event
  • Thank You Page
  • Product Launch Pipeline

This product launch pipeline is another pipeline developed by Brendon Burchard. This is a comprehensive pipeline specifically designed for online course launches. This pipeline contains:

  • Opt-In Page
  • 10 Emails before the Event
  • 3 Value Pages
  • Checkout Page

Kajabi (being a versatile platform) will also allow you to build custom pipelines to fit your course marketing strategy’s needs.

Stages of a Marketing Pipeline

Now that you know all about the different pipeline options you have, it’s time to think about marketing your class. Start by considering what you can offer as an incentive or “freebie” to kickstart your pipeline creation.

When looking for an incentive, go back to your audience analysis and the pain points you discovered. What freebie can you create that would alleviate some of your target audience’s pain points?

Next, write a few emails that will give your email list subscribers a sneak peek of your course. These emails will later become a part of your pipeline. 

Finally, send your email readers that interact with your previous emails to a sales or a download page, and then continue to market to them using your email pipeline. And that is all there is to it. Easy as pie!


When you are ready to create your Kajabi online marketing pipeline, contact TKD Design!


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