With Kajabi, you can easily use the mechanics and website building tools to your advantage to create the best platform for your content. 

With this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, we will be going over the best way to use Kajabi mechanics and promote your content from within!

There are multiple tools and settings on Kajabi that can be used for your SEO benefit. The style that Kajabi is laid out in is as follows:


  • Design
  • Pages
  • Blog
  • Analytics


  • All Products
  • Offers

  • Pipelines
  • Email Campaigns
  • Automations
  • Events
  • Forms


  • All People
  • Assessments
  • Affiliates
Kajabi Mechanics
Today, we will be going over which areas to focus your effort on to get the most yield from your work. 

 1. Design Kajabi Mechanics

When you open up the design tab, you will be shown a breakdown list of all your pages. You should have the following pages to get the best results and most ROI: 

  • Home
  • Library
  • Store
  • Sales Page
  • Login
  • Static Page
  • Thank You Page
  • 404 Page
  • Blog
  • Blog Post(s)
Kajabi Blogging
As is true with any website on any platform, your pages will be what you optimize for SEO on. However, as there is no SEO plugin like Rank Math SEO or Yoast, this may be more difficult, but the same SEO strategies and best practices will still apply.

To get the best Content SEO results, your Kajabi pages should have:

  • The focus keywords that you are ranking for in high density
  • At least 600 words complete with images and/or videos
  • Both internal and external links embedded in the content
  • Text arranged in short, easy-to-read paragraphs

The other facet of quality Design/Page SEO is Technical SEO. You can achieve this for your Kajabi site by doing the following:


  • Making sure your site functions well on both mobile and desktop
  • Rendering your site adequately (more on this here)
  • Creating and optimizing an XML sitemap
  • Adding alt text with your focus keyword(s) to your page’s images
Kajabi Technical SEO
While there is no established SERP ranking metric on Kajabi, if you have done the following, you can rest knowing that your site will likely be performing at the correct level in the SERPs. However, if you would like to see data for what techniques are working and not, visit your ‘Analytics’ tab. This will give you information on:

  • Purchases
  • Net Revenue
  • Subscriptions
  • Product Progress
  • Affiliates 
  • Offers Sold
  • Opt-ins
  • Page Views

The other important thing to know about Kajabi is how useful blogs and blog posts still are in establishing authority on your subject and your ability to gain more organic traffic through Content SEO. With that, let’s move on!

2. blog kajabi mechanics

As every beginning web designer and SEO specialist knows, blogging is an essential tool for creating the best content SEO strategy possible for your website or your business. However, there are some specific tips for Kajabi based blogs. Here are our best tips for creating your blog with Kajabi mechanics:

  • Try out different formatting options for your blog posts. Make sure that they are all similar in things like font and color scheme, so they don’t throw off your audience, but try to add variety where you can so you can see which format works best!
  • Make sure to put a relevant image in the “SEO and Sharing” section, as this is what will show up if and when you decide to share the link on your site’s social media platforms.
  • Use the Kajabi Image tool to include a custom signature of other images and videos within the blog post, and add in relevant alt text accordingly!
Blogging SEO

3. Pipeline kajabi mechanics

Marketing pipelines are the most efficient way to build your sales processes or “funnel.” Different types of pipelines work well for different kinds of websites and business needs, and thus, will have various problems that will require different solutions.

However, here are some universal hacks for creating the most efficient, SEO based Kajabi pipeline possible:

  • Add Tags via Automations

Typically, all Kajabi pipelines will use an Automation feature. Automations are used for subscribing people to email sequences for your business and generally are triggered when visitors show interest in a freebie product, like a free guide that you will offer.

By adding tags on labels, you can not only increase your SERP ranking but also make the process easier for yourself. Such tags placed on your freebies and on your pipeline include:

LM: Lead Magnet

PUR: Purchased

INT: Interest


  • Update your URL

When your template Pipeline is automatically configured by Kajabi, it is created with a long, non-SEO friendly URL that is not user-friendly or easy to remember. 

By updating your URL, you can insert a focus keyword and make it memorable and easy to share amongst your audience and on your platforms. 

  • Hide Pages

This may sound counter-intuitive initially, but try hiding some of the pages in your pipeline from search engines. 

For example, say your “Thank You” page has the option to download your freebie. If just anyone can find the freebie by looking at one of your site’s pages, why bother opting? Therefore, you will want to hide that page, and maybe others, to make sure that your subscribers are receiving an exclusive offer. 

Kajabi Email Pipeline

4. Email Campaigns

Email marketing can help your SEO efforts more than you think! A digital marketing strategy will never exist in a vacuum- in fact, all of the pieces of your strategy should go together and complement one another to create a comprehensive network. The following are SEO benefits that effective email campaigns will bring to your site: 

  • They Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

The most significant benefit to an email campaign is that it drives qualified traffic to your site, meaning traffic from visitors who are likely to convert (purchase). The best way to optimize your email pipeline is to personalize it. In fact, 38% percent of those surveyed said that the opted-in to specific email lists had been because of relevance. By personalizing your email pipeline based on your customers’ or users’ preferences, you can increase sales and retain loyalty.

  • Turn High Performing Emails into New Site Content

There are many different approaches one can take to creating newsletters and other email campaigns. The best way to do this is to develop new and original content specifically for your email subscribers and pinpoint topics relevant to their interests and needs.

For example. If you write blogs about trending topics in your industry, you may be looking to see how you can garner more conversions from your pipeline. However, if you switch from writing about trending topics that your competition is writing about to those combined with new issues that your audience finds relevant, according to your recent emails. 

By creating content based on your top-performing email content, you can draw in even more organic traffic by using Kajabi mechanics to your advantage!

How to Increase Web Traffic
  • Encourage Shares on Your Social Media Platforms

By getting targeted material in front of your target audience, you increase opportunities each piece has to be shared on popular media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t be tempted by schemes of buying Instagram or Twitter followers.  It doesn’t work out in the long run.  Instead you can increase social shares by encouraging your email list subscribers to share and circulate your content on their own channels.

By including a call to action on your subscribers’ emails, you can increase traffic from social media!

And that’s a wrap! When you are ready to optimize your website and bring in more traffic using Kajabi mechanics, contact TKD Design!

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