On this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, we will be going over some great tips and tricks for designing a high converting landing page with Kajabi. 


What are landing pages? Why does my Kajabi site need one?

Landing pages are the first stop for your customer. It is typically a standalone web page created specifically for an advertising or marketing campaign. This page is where a visitor or prospective customer will “land” after they click on one of your marketing links. The link might be in an email, Google search or ads, or Facebook ads or posts.

Landing pages are the most efficient ways to turn site visitors into sales leads. Typically, you want your landing page to include a form allowing you to capture your visitors’ information in exchange for an offer. Without a dedicated landing page, potential customers may be aimless. They may have less exposure to your product or give up if they cannot find and purchase it easily.

According to Kajabi, “The great thing about high-converting landing pages is that they remove all distractions from your viewers’ line of sight. They don’t have a navigation bar or sidebar, for instance, that might encourage the viewer to click on those links instead of the one that takes them to your sales page.” 



The Best Tips for Creating your Landing Page

Your goal for your landing page is for it to have a high conversion rate. A conversion rate is the rate of site visitors who convert into paying customers, hence the name! Here are the best tips for creating a landing page that will result in a high visitor conversion rate.

1. Write a Persuasive Headline

When you employ a persuasive headline, you make your visitors want to buy your product immediately. You create interest in your offer, and they are convinced that you have what they need or want.  

A weak headline, on the other hand, will often cause your visitors to lose interest. They won’t waste time viewing the rest of your product or information because they may not believe you have what they are looking for.

To write a compelling headline for a high-converting landing page, think about the needs of your audience. What is going to compel your readers to keep reading? What specific problem or customer pain point does your product or service address?

For example, say that you are selling an online Kajabi course to help people lose weight. Your headline should target a specific customer pain point, such as frustrations with fad diets:

  • Sick of Paying for Supplements and Programs That Leave You Hungry and Frustrated?
  • Ready to Kick the Fad Diets and Make Healthy Choices for Your Body?

The goal of a great headline is always to capture your visitor’s attention. If you can be funny while staying on point, go for it! According to Kajabi, “If you can’t get their attention, you can’t expect consumers to convert.”

You can see how well your headline is performing by conducting tests. A/B testing is excellent for identifying conversion rates.

AB Testing for Landing Pages


2. Establish a Logical Flow

By establishing a logical flow, you can walk your visitor through your products and their benefits. This flow will also reduce opportunities for them to get sidetracked or click away from your site.

Let’s go back to our weight loss course example. An example of a reliable, logical flow is as follows:

  • Address the customer pain point (likely, completed in the headline)
  • Offer your course as a solution for customer guidance and motivation
  • Describe what your class can offer (make this section as comprehensive as possible)
  • Detail the process for getting your client to where they need to be
  • Offer social proof, such as highlighting positive reviews from previous customers
  • Offer a satisfaction guarantee (something your customer knows they can fall back on)

And then, the final step: ask for the sale!

While the final step is asking for the sale, your landing page at that point will take your visitor to your sales page. And that’s all there is to it!



3. Offer Multiple Methods of Contact

This may seem fairly obvious, but it is essential for continuing contact with customers who are interested in your product, but not quite ready to buy yet. They’re already on your website, but make it easy to connect with your website via social media. You can also give your business phone number and email address.

 Try to provide plenty of opportunities to enroll in email or text lists about your course, so they don’t forget about you, and remember to come back and make a purchase! You can even set up reminder systems to provide a course discount after three or so selling attempts to increase conversion further.



When you are ready to increase conversion rates for your Kajabi course, contact TKD Design!


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