Branding is one of the most important (if not the most important) elements for success with your online Kajabi business. Kajabi branding (and branding in general) is all about promoting your products and services with a distinctive design unique to you and your business. Just as branding is vital for offline business, it is also important for your online business.

Luckily for online business owners, TKD is back with a couple of great recommendations for branding your Kajabi business. 

There are some universal tips for branding, including creating a brand story, designing a logo and colors, etc. However, in this blog post, we will be focusing on how to transform your branding from your business or main site (if you have one) into Kajabi branding.

Kajabi Logo


1. Setting your Logo for Kajabi Branding


Uploading and utilizing your logos and implementing your color scheme on Kajabi is simpler than you may imagine! To set your website colors to make them cohesive for your brand, start by heading to ‘Settings’. From there, select ‘Site Settings’, then ‘Site Details’. Next, you will scroll down to the ‘Branding’ section, and from there, you can upload your business logo and Favicon.

Kajabi Branding Logo

To set your logo, you’ll want to upload your logo into every page you build with the ‘Page Builder’ feature. To begin, you will want to make sure the logo you would like to use is 360×80 (Kajabi’s suggested image size for logos), and you will also want to make sure it is in a PNG format.


From there, head to the page builder, click the Kajabi logo on the upper right-hand corner, and click ‘Edit’. From there, you will see a screen like the image below. Select the same options as the image below, and you will have your brand logo all set up on your page! You will need to do this for each page.


2. Setting your Website Colors for Kajabi Branding

To set your website colors to match your branding, you can scroll down from ‘Branding’ and move down to ‘Colors’. Then you can click on the default color and change it to your primary brand color. If you are not sure of how to match your color to your brand color, you can enter an image of your brand color either from your logo or main site into HTML Color Codes. This allows you to find the hex code of this color. From there, you can enter the hex code into the Kajabi colors section and have an exact match.

HTML Color Codes Tool
To recap:

  • Settings > Site Settings > Site Details
  • Scroll down to Branding
  • Upload logo and Favicon
  • Scroll down to Colors
  • Upload your brand logo/color to HTML Color Codes to find its hex code
  • With the hex code, you receive from HTML Color Codes, enter your brand color hex code into the Kajabi colors section to employ it across your Kajabi site
  • Remember to save!


 3. Setting your Brand Font for Kajabi Branding


From your Page Builder landing page, you will want to open the same settings tab as you did for your Logo settings. From there, select ‘Typography’. You can then choose your Font (to match your brand font) from this drop down menu. You will select two fonts, one for your heading font and one for your base font.

Kajabi Branding Font Tool

Here is a quick tip for your font: set your Heading Font Weight to Normal, and not Bold. Doing this will allow you to utilize three different fonts across your site rather than just two. This will allow you to further break up heading texts and make your content more readable for your users.



Now that you know how to set up your fonts, colors, and logo on your Kajabi site, you have taken the next step to making a cohesive branding strategy for your online business. When you are ready to employ your branding strategy on your Kajabi site, contact TKD Design today!


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