On this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, we are going over tips for better Kajabi blogging practices that will boost your blogs!


1. Get to Know the Competition


Analyzing your competition is nearly as crucial as analyzing your target audience. If you don’t know what kind of successful blogging strategies your competitors are using, for instance, how are you supposed to compete actively?

You can start by Googling terms and keywords related to your niche and identify your top 15 or 20 competitors. Check out their content, scope their social media profiles, and track the engagement they are getting from your mutual audience.

Your goal after analyzing your competition is to create better content. If your competitor wrote a 600-word post on a topic, write your own blog post that’s 1,000 words long and filled with much more information and detail.

Keep in mind, you never want to copy your competitors. It’s best to identify the strategies that make them successful so you can create better, more effective strategies for your own content!


2. Outline Each Blog Post


Staring at a blank piece of paper is very, very intimidating. Trying to write a blog post by starting with the very first sentence, you are bound to hit a wall pretty quickly and get burnt out. This can be alleviated by figuring out your blog post’s structure first.

Start by outlining the headings, subheadings, lists, and other parts of your post before you start writing. That way, you know what you’re writing in advance, and you can fill in the blanks as you go, making writing a far less arduous task.

This can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and allow you to better craft your brand story/narrative. Blog posts that follow an organized, standard flow will appeal to your readers and give them a better impression of your content.

Spend some time working on your post’s title, too. Arguably, the title is one of the most important parts! A great title will boost your SEO and result in more clicks, more readers, and more conversions.

Kajabi Blogging Outline


3. Optimize Each Blog Post


Every web designer’s bottom line: SEO helps you get noticed on the Internet. Period. Google and other large search engines utilize on-page, off-page, content, and technical SEO to decide where to rank your content in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

We have multiple blogs on SEO here. On-page optimization involves things like utilizing long-tail keywords, placing keywords strategically, and optimizing images and headings. You can also build backlinks and mutual backlinks for off-page SEO.


4. Include a Call to Action


The typical call to action will usually come at the tail end of a blog post, but you can place it anywhere in your post. In fact, you can have multiple calls to action in your post as long as they all point to the same message or page.

 Utilize your CTAs wisely to push your readers on what to do next. Whether this is having them sign up for your online course, make a purchase, or subscribe to your email list.


According to Kajabi themselves, “If you don’t ask, you can’t expect to get what you want!”


 5. Devise a Monetization Scheme


Many amateur bloggers start their blogs without knowing at all how they will monetize them. Don’t be this blogger!


Say you have an online course that teaches a skill, making you a part of the Knowledge Commerce market. In this case, you’ll make money by converting those who click onto your page into customers.


Since you know your market and monetization scheme in advance, you can craft your calls to action and blog posts around your scheme. Your blogging is almost guaranteed to become far more effective as a result.

Media Blogging

6. Add Different Forms of Media


Posts become far more enjoyable and engaging for your readers when they contain more than just text. Photographs, illustrations, infographics, and videos can all improve your engagement levels.

They also boost your SEO and provide you with more ways to connect with your target audience. For example, posting videos on Facebook, then embedding them in relevant blog posts can increase your audience tenfold!

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