For this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips from TKD, we’ll be going over the benefits of Kajabi blogging on your site and why you should begin your own blog if you haven’t already! We will also go over how to organize and promote your blog posts. 

If you have been in the online business world for long enough, you have probably noticed that many online entrepreneurs start blogs, only to give up after only a few halfhearted attempts at blog posts. What happens there is that those people gave up too quickly, just because they didn’t see an immediate ROI on their posts.


Don’t let that be you! Content marketing and blogging is always going to be a long-term game. For the most part, you won’t see results in a few days or even weeks. But that does not mean you shouldn’t blog!


That’s why we published this post. It can be encouraging to know what benefits are created from long-term, dedicated blogging while you are putting the work in!

The main reason for Kajabi blogging is that it is a fantastic way, if not the best way, to appear to your target audience and to share your knowledge, thus raising your credibility. While you will want most of your in-depth content to appear in your online course and other products, it pays to share at least some of your valuable information for free.


Put simply, writing a blog post is an opportunity to display your unique ability to teach your audience, encouraging readers to sign up for your paid course.

With that, let’s go over the best reasons for Kajabi blogging and the best ways to organize and promote your content.



Kajabi Blogging Offers More Opportunities to Rank Higher in the SERPs


When it comes to search engine rankings, Kajabi’s cardinal rule is that more pages give you more opportunities to rank. For example, if you only have 10 pages on your Kajabi site, you’ll be much less visible to search engine algorithms because you can only rank for a limited amount of keywords.

Making your website larger, from about 25 to 100 pages, also gives you significantly more chances to get noticed on your target audience’s SERPs. Your site pages also tell large search engines like Google what your website is all about, your niche, and demonstrate that your website is active.

Kajabi Blogging Pages

However, it’s not all about posting new pages willy-nilly on your blog. Creating new pages with thin content that lack value for your potential reader will likely harm your chances of converting site visitors into sales leads.


As you write and publish more blog posts, you will have new opportunities to get found through results related to your niche. One handy tip is to focus each of your posts on one or two focus keywords and a few other LSI keywords.

You will also want to choose a blogging frequency that helps you produce relevant and useful content that answers specific search queries and helps your audience grow.

More significant, more in-depth articles do take more time to produce, but they increase ROI for all of the energy and time you spent writing. With larger articles, you are likely to show up more often in the SERPs and drive more traffic to your Kajabi site.


Building a Following Around Your Kajabi Blog is a great way to increase engagement



Blogging is a fantastic way to establish an online community that supports your business and encourages purchases from your course. You may notice that some of the most popular blogs and their posts typically receive hundreds of comments. 

You can’t expect a substantial engagement level after only posting for weeks or even a few months. Although, make sure to stay consistent with your posting schedule and devote time to cultivating an audience through your site or through social media, you are almost guaranteed to see gradually heightened engagement.

Google Analytics

According to Kajabi, if you are active in your community, you’ll gain respect and credibility from your audience.


Publish Updates to Keep Your Audience Excited About Your New Content


Promoting anticipation for your new and upcoming content should not be forgotten when it comes to content marketing – especially Kajabi marketing. While so-called “evergreen content” (content that is not promotional) may offer lasting relevance when it comes to traffic and SERP rankings, posting news and updates about your posts can bring brief spikes of Kajabi traffic and give your followers more excitement for your future blog posts.


A great way to do this is to use your social media platforms or your blog page to post these updates. In these posts, you can describe your online course and your blog’s benefits to help your readers visualize how they might benefit from reading your content.

Typically, you will also only want to post news and updates related to your content when you have something worthy to share from your Kajabi site. A good balance to adhere to is to create about 80% “evergreen content” and 20% promotional content on your social media platforms and your Kajabi site.

Some entrepreneurs use news and updates as individual posts. These blog posts may exist outside a traditional publishing schedule and therefore, may attract more attention from potential readers and customers.

Social Media Promotion

Organize and Manage Your Means 


Blogging should never cost any money unless you hire an independent writer to produce content for you. It does however cost energy and time that you could devote to other areas of your Kajabi site. When trying to decide whether you should up your blogging frequency, take a look at your priorities, and make sure to balance your resources across all tasks on your Kajabi platform.


Remember, it’s not all just about writing the posts, either. You will also have to devote time to adding images, promoting your posts, and updating older content to keep it relevant to new potential customers.


Better Chance to Compete With Others in Your Niche


Even a bit of cursory competition research will help you figure out how often you should post blog content. Take a look at your main competition, and see how often they post, and try your best to match it. This will give you great ideas for blog topics, too! 


To begin, look at your top three competitors in the Kajabi world, and take a look at the last 3 months of their blog posts. About how many times per week do they write and publish posts? How long are the blog posts, on average, in terms of word count? How are they formatting their posts? How much traffic are they getting and how?

In content marketing, the game is all about producing better, longer, and more relevant content for your readers that can help you get higher rankings in the SERPs and gain new potential customers’ attention.

However, you don’t want to tire yourself out. Make sure to balance your results from your competition analysis with your own blogging limits and abilities so you don’t overextend yourself and disappoint your readers.

While this competition research should not be the only factor you consider, it’s always helpful to know how your competition operates and how effective their strategy is for them.

That’s all for this week! When you are ready to establish your Kajabi blog and promote your content, contact TKD Design.
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