For this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, we wanted to do something fun! With Halloween, and the rest of the holiday season, rapidly approaching, we decided to give out some of our best, most festive ideas to decorate your website. Whether you want to update your site for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the holidays, we have great ideas!

While decorations are fun and creative, they are also worthwhile as they show any visitor that you are keeping your website up-to-date.


1. Update your Site Theme to Festive holiday Colors

This might mean that you update your site colors to oranges, greens, and shades of black for Halloween. For the holidays, this might mean red, silver, and gold. For Thanksgiving, this may mean oranges, reds, and yellows! 

First, update your site colors, go to your WordPress dashboard, choose Appearance, then ‘Customize.’ Once you are on this tab, select the ‘Colors’ tab. From here, you can pick whatever color scheme you want to, for whatever holiday you like! 


 2. Offer Holiday Sales

Offering sales for holidays will put you in the best company, as nearly every company, large and small, will often start sales during the season. By offering a holiday sale, you will encourage people to interact with your site and its material more than other seasons! 

Holiday Sale


By sending out eHoliday cards to the subscribers on your email list, you can get yourself and your audience in a festive mood. This also allows an opportunity to advertise and/or reach out to your audience (and maybe a chance for telling your audience about your holiday sale, like from Tip #2). 

Here are some great templates we found for an eHoliday email card from Paperless Post.


 4. Add in Fun Clip Art or Images

Adding fun holiday – themed art and photos on your website is a great way to get festive with your site. This is an excellent option for decorating your site, as it is the easiest method for doing so! Adding images and photos to your website takes only seconds, and finding fun holiday clip art won’t even feel like work!


 5. Upload a Responsive Website Holiday Calendar

Using a website holiday calendar will not only show your audience and potential visitors that you are keeping your website up to date, but it will also show your audience your (potentially) changed hours throughout the holiday season. 

WP Responsive Holiday Calendar, for example, is an excellent plugin for achieving this goal! 

Holiday Calendar

6. Make a Snow Storm!

This one is a little less serious and a bit more fun! There is a WordPress plugin called Snow Storm (by Tribulant Software) that will add virtual falling snowflakes to your website’s front pages, giving it a fun and festive feel! 

When you are ready to decorate your site for the upcoming holiday season, contact TKD Design!

If you are stuck in a creative rut, here are three examples from our fellow web designers on how to get into the spirit!


1. This Spooky Call to Action Section from Our Friends at Elementor

Halloween Sale
Achieving this spooky look is super simple! According to Elementor, all you have to do is choose a preformatted sale banner for your website (or create an existing one). Then, replace the text with one of the chilling fonts WordPress has available. 

You can also add a pumpkin icon (available for copying/pasting or saving here) on top of the banner for a fun touch. 

Pumpkin Logo PNG
After this, you can add a red or orange gradient across the background, depending on your preference! 

For the final step, you can add in a stock button and turn it black. That’s it! Super simple and super spooky, right?


2. This Festive Idea for Christmas Website Decorations from Graphic Mama

Graphic Mama Christmas Logo
This is a super simple, cute Christmas touch you can add to your website during the holiday season. The best way to do this is to upload your site’s logo into a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Krita Photo and overlay a little PNG of a Santa hat over your logo. Easy as pumpkin pie!


  1. This Frightening Touch to Add to Your Contact Page from Elementor
Halloween Contact Form
This is a fun way to update your website for Halloween. To start, get to your contact page, or add in a standard contact form template if you don’t have one already. Then, pick a spooky font that’s sufficiently scary from WordPress or a font plugin like this one from Custom Fonts. When you have that done, go ahead and move on to changing the colors of your contact form to Halloween themed ones, like green, orange, red, or black.

As far as the pumpkin image goes, we included a similar PNG here for easy copying/pasting or saving. 

Pumpkin PNG
Once you add in the image, adjust the size down to 200×200 pixels using a program like PhotoBulk, and then once you imbed the image, you can adjust the margins to make it overlay your contact form. Super easy and super fun!
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