GigEconomy Makes Logging Client Hours Easy!

With the gig economy growing every day both in the United States and abroad, this brave new world demands a lot from those looking to succeed in it. Fortunately, there are great tools available to help with everything from creating products to organizing your work. One of these great tools is SetApp’s time-tracking program, the aptly named GigEconomy. This week’s edition of Tuesday Tips will be going over the incredible advantages that GigEconomy offers its users.

  1. GigEconomy integrates seamlessly into your workflow

    GigEconomy is a time-tracking software program and an excellent resource for online workers of all types because of its unmatched versatility. With GigEconomy, you won’t have to waste valuable time putting up with picky web browsers or other online invoicing software. GigEconomy integrates into your Mac’s dock bar, so your hour tracking is always just a click away. You don’t need to worry about logging in all the time either- once you press “Start Billing,” then “Pause Billing,” all the hours log along with the pre-determined price-per-hour, so you can rest assured that your hours are tracked.  You can use it whether you on online or off.  This feature came in handy when working at a remote lake cabin and web service was spotty.

  1. GigEconomy has built-in organizational tools, including color-coded tracking

    GigEconomy allows you to maintain a close eye on your most valuable clients and make sure any billing mistakes are a thing of the past. GigEconomy has a feature that allows you to select a custom color for each of your clients, time blocks, and invoices, so you can quickly distinguish between all of them. Plus, the entire app interface will change color depending on what client you’re actively billing at the time, so you can stay focused and confident that you’re not making a mistake.  I’ve used other time-tracking programs, and this is the one that has stuck.  Its ease of use is the key.  With other programs, I would always forget to log on and off, etc.  The simplicity and color-coding are what works for us.

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  1. Set up accounts exactly how you like

    With GigEconomy, you will only need one tool to track time and invoice clients, regardless of location or industry type. GigEconomy also supports multiple currencies for its users worldwide so that your hours/invoices are always accurate and ready to be billed. You can also set up new clients with their preferred currency in just one step, and be prepared to begin your work, wherever you and your clients are.

  1. With GigEconomy, you can create invoices and bill clients in seconds

    Summarizing hours and sending invoices can be a pain.  With GigEconomy, it’s easy! Whenever you’re ready to bill, end of the month or not, GigEconomy will create a professional invoice template with the click of a button. You can choose:

    • a summary invoice that gives the total hours and amount owed
    • some detail: will provide dates and hours worked on those dates and amount
    • comprehensive: date, hours, and amount, also a summary note regarding your work activities

    You can also choose Modern, Classic, or Hipster styles. After you’ve reviewed the final invoice, you can export it easily as a PDF and send it straight to your client. Billing has never been this easy!


  1. GigEconomy is a simple, easy-to-use program

    The GigEconomy application offers unique all-in-one time tracking for all your clients and generates invoices with high-quality features an intuitive design. GigEconomy is a convenient and reliable application that is almost too easy to use and essential for every online businessperson. The application works great for us here at TKD Design.  We use it every day!  We give it our official recommendation to all of our fellow freelancers to gain peace of mind for their work.

    GigEconomy is available from the Escapers on their website for $19.99; from the App Store.  You can also get it from SetApp, which gives you a bundle of Mac apps for $9.99/month—but that’s a post for another day.

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