In this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips, we will be going over the best free SEO tools for your new online business!


Best Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google Analytics is single-handedly the most used web analytics platform on the Internet. Even though it is free software, Google Analytics is surprisingly versatile and can be used easily with other Google products, including Search Console, Optimize, and Data Studio, and non-Google products, like WordPress. Some may have privacy concerns with Analytics, though Google has testified that they don’t sell web client data.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero works by matching your SERP keywords with Google Analytics sessions to study your search queries and find out what your users searched to get to your website. It also aims to alleviate the problem of missing keywords with lots of machine learning and carefully studied algorithms. It’s by no means perfect, but for web designers and SEOs struggling to match keywords with on-site metrics like conversion, the data Keyword Hero serves as an easy step in the right direction. Pricing begins at a free rate, with paid options.


According to parent company Moz, MozCast is the brainchild of Dr. Pete and the original Google SERP tracker. For SEOs, MozCast is the best algorithm tracker to employ whenever there is a large update. Also useful are the built-in SERP tracking features that show the benefits of such qualities as Google ads and knowledge panels.

Free SEO Tools

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a widely-used website crawler that allows you to improve your on-site SEO by gathering and auditing your site data for common SEO issues. It is currently the most used desktop-based crawler. Many SEOs and web designers alike don’t realize there is a free version of Screaming Frog that allows for up to five hundred (500) URLs per crawl to be analyzed. While it does not have as many neat features as the paid version, the free version is still great for audits of smaller sites and small projects.

Answer The Public

It’s honestly really hard not to just love Answer The Public. The interface is extremely user friendly, as it is created by SEOs for SEOs. When you need to generate a massive list of search queries and questions from any imaginable keyword set, Answer the Public should become one of your go-to tools.

Moz Keyword Explorer

If you are an experienced or novice SEO somehow not familiar with Moz’s incredible, game-changing keyword research tool, you ought to give it a try ASAP. With over 500 million possible keyword suggestions, with the most up to date volume ranges in the web design and SEO industry. You will also receive Moz’s famous Keyword Difficulty Score along with any relevant CTR data. By establishing a free Moz community account, you will receive access to ten (10) search queries a month, with each query giving you up to one thousand (1000) keyword suggestions along with their corresponding SERP analyses.

Google My Business

Out of all the free SEO tools on this list, GMB takes the #1 place as the most essential tool for Local SEO, primarily if your business resides in a market catered to by Google. Among other things, it allows you to claim your brick and mortar business, manage listing information, and read/reply to customer reviews. By claiming your business profile on GMB, you will have the proper foundation for most other activities involved with local SEO, so setting up your Google My Business is definitely an essential step.


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