Once you have established your Kajabi account, have chosen your subject and niche, and are ready to begin creating your material, you may be wondering where you should even start.


Our best Kajabi Curriculum Creation Tips

Keep these tips and directions in mind when creating your online course, and you can make quick work of the effort involved in creating a course!

 1. Divide your Course into Manageable Sections

One of the best ways to tackle your course’s creation is to break your niche up into manageable topics that you have experience with and can teach adequately. 

Try introducing your content as modules, such as preparation, execution, and conclusion of your teaching methods. With those categories, you can further specify to your audience. Let’s say you are establishing an introductory photography Kajabi course. You can have sections further broken down, perhaps like this:

  • Landscape photography composition
  • Portrait photography poses and props
  • Macro photography equipment and tips

Using this method should be useful in getting a better grip on creating your content and how you want to organize it!

Kajabi Curriculum Creation Tips

2. Analyze Top Performing Content

 If you have already established your brand on the Internet, your existing content can serve as a treasure trove of useful data. That’s where our second curriculum creation tip comes in.

You can use a data measurement tool like Google Analytics to identify your best content. How are visitors finding your content? How long are they staying on each post and page? What’s your bounce rate? Which content categories tend to have the most conversion traffic? All these data points can help you optimize the content you create for your lessons and give you a better idea of how to create an online course that’s as successful as possible. 

If you haven’t established your content on any platforms yet, there’s still hope!

Instead of analyzing your own content, look at your competitor’s content that is in the same niche as your own.

Start by creating a list of long-tail keywords relevant to your niche, then conduct Google searches to see who your competitors are. What type of content is ranking highest? Learn from your competitors and find ways in which you could improve upon the material for your own course.

You can’t copy other people’s material, but you should take advantage of it to learn from others and employ the same tactics in your own course. 

Curriculum Analytics

3. Find the Right Medium for your Course Material

According to Kajabi, “Crucial to figuring out how to create an online course is understanding which tools are the right ones to convey your lessons.” Think about the best way to portray your niche content. You likely have several options, all of which can be mixed and matched and added into your Kajabi site:

  • Share blog content on your social media platforms that instructs your students on a particular area of your niche
  • Create an image or video tutorial so students can see how you perform each step
  • Record a podcast so you can speak directly to your students, and answer their questions in real-time

There is really no right or wrong way to select a course creation medium, you will want to decide what style will be most effortless to utilize while yielding the best results for your target audience.

Let’s use an example for this curriculum creation tip! If you’re creating a course on the Civil War, text content and even podcasting might offer the best solution, because it is a research-intensive topic that will work well for yourself and readers.

However, if your course teaches students how to play guitar, videos, and images, they might better serve your users. Text descriptions are easily misinterpreted and often don’t tell the whole story when it comes to a craft. Plus, your students will likely want to see you perform each step up.

You can also create interactive media if you want to engage your students more, depending on your audience’s unique needs. Quizzes, polls, surveys, and even infographics can help better spread information. According to Kajabi, “It all depends on how—and for whom—you want to create your online course.”


When you need more curriculum creation tips, or are ready to get started on creating your online Kajabi course, contact TKD Design!



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