In the age of blogging, content repurposing has never been more critical. Content Repurposing is all about reusing existing blog content (like a post) into a new format (like a podcast) or improved post.


According to HubSpot, companies will spend nearly half their content marketing budget on content in 2020. Plus, a recent survey found that the amount of time spent writing a single post has increased among content creators surveyed from 2.5 hours in 2014 to nearly 4 hours in 2020.


And that’s why repurposing content is such a game-changer! It allows you to breathe new life into old content and gain value from the old posts just sitting around in your blog section. With content repurposing, you will already have a head start on the new content creation process. It also means your best posts and pages don’t need to be kept in the history books of your site!


This is why so many content creators are beginning to embrace content repurposing. In fact, it was reported that over 60% of marketers are now reusing the content they create, sometimes multiple times!


Of these, 51% of marketers say reusing content is one of the most effective content marketing strategies, which explains why a growing number of content repurposing tools are entering the marketplace. Some great examples of repurposing software include Visme, Wavve, and Designrr.


Reasons to Start Content Repurposing

Reach a new audience. Content repurposing allows you to reach new audiences because, many times, your original blog post may have only made a splash with the smaller audience you had at its publishing time. By republishing content, your new, larger audience will be able to see it! Plus, repurposing the content for different mediums like podcasts and YouTube videos allows you to meet an audience on their platform. 


Get an SEO boost. By centering different pieces of blog content around the same topic can generate even more opportunities to rank high in the SERPs for your focus keyword. Plus, by placing your repurposed content outside your site on other platforms, you have the chance to receive quality links back to your site, with the additional bonus of being able to control the anchor text in said backlink.


Gain extra authority. By publishing quality content on various platforms on a single keyword/topic can help raise your profile and authority in your niche/industry and show others that you can be regarded as an expert.


Reinforce your message. Repetition across many platforms can be a great way to send a message that sinks in with your target audience. Marketing’s Rule of 7 states that “Buyers need to hear your message seven times before they’ll close the deal.” Repurposing your content will go a long way toward reaching this goal.




How to Repurpose Content


Review your most popular posts

Log onto Google Analytics and check out your site analytics to see what blog posts of yours have performed best in the past month and the past year. While looking at your monthly analytics report, be sure to keep an eye out for top-performing content published before the start of your monthly report. For example, see if a March post is topping the charts of your July content. If so, repurpose it!

Update Articles and Posts

Browse through your blog archives, and be aware of any topics or articles that may have changed in nature since you last wrote on them, or see if there are old posts you may improve or with new knowledge on said topic.

Build an infographic

A step beyond the usual blog post is the infographic, everyone’s favorite! An infographic offers your readers a complete summary of your blog post on a visual, clean-cut outline. If you find you have a data-heavy post in your archives, infographics are a super way to repurpose those posts and break up an article into just the big talking points. 

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Refresh and republish old posts

Every so often, when we review our old blog content here at TKD Design, we find some truly fantastic articles hindered by a couple of bits of outdated information that hasn’t aged well. According to Buffer, “Change happens, and even those posts written with 100% accuracy a few months back might not ring true today.” Absolutely true!

When you are ready to begin repurposing your old blog content into something new, contact TKD Design!

If you would like even more information on Content Repurposing, check out this handy blog post from SEMRush.


When you are ready to begin repurposing your old blog content into something new, contact TKD Design!

If you would like even more information on Content Repurposing, check out this handy blog post from SEMRush.


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