14 Free Image Resources for Beginning Bloggers

When you are first beginning to write and publish content on your new blog site, you may be looking for some new image resources. Even when your business is brand new, you can still use all of these...

3 Great Curriculum Creation Tips for Kajabi

Once you have established your Kajabi account, have chosen your subject and niche, and are ready to begin creating your material, you may be wondering where you should even start.   Our best...

Kajabi Marketing Funnels: 4 Easy Steps to Seamless Marketing

What are marketing funnels? Anyone beginning to establish their Kajabi course site should be aware of adequately creating and utilizing marketing funnels. Marketing funnels are designed to keep in...

3 Important Kajabi Landing Page Tips

On this week's edition of Tuesday Tips, we will be going over some great tips and tricks for designing a high converting landing page with Kajabi.    What are landing pages? Why does my Kajabi site...

Creating your Brand Story: 5 Great Tips

One of the most critical aspects of marketing, both online and off, is creating a story for your brand.  A brand story (or story branding) is a cohesive narrative that collects your brand's facts...

Schema Markup 101

Suppose you are an up and coming web professional studying the art of SEO. In that case, you may have heard about schema and its importance. But, what exactly is schema? Schema is a structured data...

5 Best Kajabi SEO Practices

When you have finished constructing your Kajabi site, and aren't getting any hits, you may be wondering why you are missing out on all that traffic. You're probably frustrated about the lack of...

Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing is the heart and soul of social media marketing and SEO. After all, with no content, there is nothing to post and nothing to optimize! Something that every marketing and SEO...
10 Great CSS Tips for Beginners 3

10 Great CSS Tips for Beginners

When you are first beginning CSS, it can be challenging to know how to navigate the intricacies of this programming language. TKD Design is back with more beginner tips for making the most of CSS!...
Thank You For Shopping Local

7 Great Things BrightLocal Can Do for Your Site

Local citations and online reputation management tools are not widely known or emphasized in the web design community, but they are essential to utilize! They allow you to: Manage your online...
Be Curious

Local SEO: 10 Things to Know

Local SEO is all about increasing search visibility for businesses that serve their communities. These businesses can be brick-and-mortar with physical locations (like an office) or service...
puzzle pieces

Top 10 Common SEO Mistakes

SEO best practices are often complex and hard to keep up with, especially as a beginner! That is why we have made this handy infographic, to keep you from making the most common SEO Mistakes!
SEO Backlinks

6 Helpful Tips about Backlinks

A backlink is a link from another website to yours. A backlink can be present on anything, from web directories to posts. There are also references comparable to a citation. Backlinks are also known...
Blogging Tools

9 Incredible Blogging Tools You Should Be Using

When you are first embarking on your SEO journey, one of the most intimidating steps can be starting your blog. However, for today’s Tuesday Tips, TKD Design is here to help with a comprehensive...
google map on computer screen

How to Start Your SEO Journey

SEO, while foundational to a site's success on the web, can also be intimidating to learn for newcomers. That is why we at TKD made this handy infographic! Free keyword research tools: Google...

Brushing up on HTML

I've been using this quarantine time to brush up on some coding skills, starting with HTML. Something I’ve run into though is how tricky it can be to remember the tags if I’m not using them...
On Site Optimization

7 Great Tips for On-Site Optimization

SEO is a complex and ongoing practice for everyone looking to promote their website! There are many facets of SEO - content, off-page, and on-page, but perhaps the most complicated can be on-site...
Rank Math SEO

7 Ways The Rank Math Plugin Can Save Your SEO

Rank Math SEO is our top recommended plugin for Search Engine Optimization here at TKD Design. Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to advertising your products and...
WordPress Plugins

17 Amazing Plugins Your WordPress Site Needs

What Are WordPress Plugins?   Plugins are one of the most valuable tools you will use when creating, building, editing, and protecting your website. WordPress plugins are software apps and...
Social Media

Social Media: Getting Started

Does my business need a social media presence? The answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!” Social media is the best way to reach potential clients (especially now), as well as to build relationships...

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