How to use CSS in Divi

Cascading style sheets (CSS) is a coding language exclusively used for the presentation of a site. It’s written as a markup language like HTML. If you know CSS, the amount of customizations you can do in Divi opens up so much more.  There are a few different places...

6 Helpful Tips About Backlinks

This week's blog is all about backlinks. So, what are they all about? Basically, a backlink is a link from another website to yours. A backlink can be present on anything, from web directories to posts. You may also have citations to reference your sources when...

5 Great Things BrightLocal Can Do For Your Site

Local citations and online reputation managers are not widely known or emphasized in the web design community, but they are essential to utilize! They allow you to manage your online reputation, read your reviews in one place, correct your NAP, and manage your...

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Brushing up on HTML

I've been using this quarantine time to brush up on some coding skills, starting with HTML. Something I’ve run into though is how tricky it can be to remember the tags if I’m not using them everyday. I made this cheat sheet for myself- feel free to save it for your...

7 Great Tips for On Site Optimization

SEO is a complex and ongoing practice for everyone looking to promote their website! There are many facets of SEO - content, off-page, and on-page, but perhaps the most complicated can be on-site SEO. Lucky for you, we're here to help with 7 Great Tips for On-Site...
7 Ways The RankMath Plugin Can Save Your SEO 9

7 Ways The RankMath Plugin Can Save Your SEO

RankMath SEO is our top recommended plugin for Search Engine Optimization here at TKD Design. Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to advertising your products and services on the Internet and promoting your website and brand. Without it,...
17 Amazing Plugins Your WordPress Site Needs 11

17 Amazing Plugins Your WordPress Site Needs

What Are WordPress Plugins?   Plugins are one of the most valuable tools you will use when creating, building, editing, and protecting your website. WordPress plugins are software apps and extensions that allow you to tailor your site to your specifications....
Social Media: Getting Started 13

Social Media: Getting Started

Does my business need a social media presence? The answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!” Social media is the best way to reach potential clients (especially now), as well as to build relationships and trust with existing clients. If you are using your social media...
Google My Business: 4 Things to Know 15

Google My Business: 4 Things to Know

What is Google My Business?   Google My Business is a tool that allows business owners to create and manage their small business’ Google presence. You can create a listing that will appear whenever potential customers search for your business. A quality Google My...

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