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What is the Divi Theme?

The Divi WordPress Theme is the page builder theme of Elegant Themes, who supplies endless design options and Layout Packs for websites. It is the preferred choice of many web designers – including us here at TKD Design. The updated Divi theme is a big step up from previous templates and visual builders, as it comes with many new and optimized features. These include large sliders, responsive design, attractive icons, and full-width layouts. The latest version even includes layers, simplifying Z-index issues. All of this may sound complicated; however, despite all the features, it is still a straightforward theme to use!

Why is Divi one of the best WordPress Themes out there?

  1. As previously stated, the Divi theme has many bold, new features to explore and use to create, with ease. Divi is compatible with many different applications: WooCommerce, Small Business, Astra, and OceanWP, to name a few! 

Tammy from our office says, “Last month I worked with a client who needed AMP set up on their site. The site has several factors that complicate this process: advanced custom fields, Gravity forms, etc. Additionally, they wanted the AMP site to look exactly like their regular site. Unfortunately, their site wasn’t Divi. The premium plugin I used did the job. However, it would have been much easier had they been using Divi since the plugin was compatible with that page builder. I could have saved a lot of time if they had been using Divi.” 

WordPress Theme
  1. Some users in the past have reported problems with Divi not being optimal for use with posts – but this is no longer the case. It works very well for nearly every purpose, including pages, products, and posts. This versatility makes Divi the ideal theme for small to medium-sized businesses. Also, for the more experienced designers and users, its flexibility makes it an excellent framework. The Customer Showcase section of Elegant Themes shows off some cool sites using the Divi theme.  You can find this showcase section on their homepage near the bottom.  Check it out!
  1. Divi’s layout and functions are easy to learn and use, and the control panel makes creation uncomplicated and straightforward. It also has features to match your skill level. For example, for a savvy web designer looking to get creative, Divi offers a “blank slate” option, which gives you a blank page to do with whatever you want. Additionally, you can add a section that accepts code. 

For those who are still learning, one can choose from an astounding number of amazing templates. When you create a page you love and want to keep your website uniform, you can easily duplicate the page.  Elegant Themes has also created hundreds of tutorials allowing you to learn features as you create.

WordPress Theme

4. Divi is simply a fantastic theme – it has been called “A Contender for the Best Multipurpose Theme” by Winning WordPress. It is loved by many major web design companies and independent users. That glowing recommendation alone is reason to check it out yourself or contact us today to help construct your business website with Divi! 

How to Get Started With Divi

Divi is compatible with the current WordPress Theme Version 5.3.2 and installed with ease. First, you need to purchase the theme. They often have sales and are currently (March) having a Birthday sale. You will also see one at Christmas or New Year’s. You can get yearly access for $70, which is how we started. You will receive a zip file of the Divi theme.  But watch the sales, you will quickly realize you need a lifetime access membership.

On your WordPress Dashboard, go to “Appearances” Tab. Then click Themes > Add New > Upload and select the Divi zip file. Active and Voila! Now you’re ready to get started! Take a minute to explore all the possibilities with Divi. Click the “Divi Option” button on the Dashboard to experiment with theme options, theme customizer, and layout options. 

Why do we love it?

Here at TKD Design, we use the Divi theme whenever we can! Not only is it ridiculously user-friendly, but it also has a multitude of design and code functions – meaning endless possibilities! Divi is one of the only Elegant Themes to include a user-friendly front end building function, making for ease in creating and editing. It is compatible with nearly every application, program, or plugin imaginable. It is also able to be edited and customized for any goal. Here at TKD Designs, it’s an excellent theme for every business, from functional medicine to airplane lighting. So, only one question remains – what will you create with Divi? 


Don’t hesitate- contact us at TKD Design to get started on your small business website with the Divi Theme today! 

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